Male Jewelry, Custom Made Gold And Silver Jewelry For Males

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Male Jewelry

Custom Made Male Jewelry In Gold And Sterling Silver

While many people do feel that Kaisilver triggered a widespread change in the male jewelry segment, the fact is that both gold and silver male jewelry has been around for many decades. What has been impressive is the rapid change in the quality and variety of male jewelry. Most jewelers made men believe that wearing well crafted and designed jewelry, would somehow not look very masculine! At Kaisilver, we consider this to be a lame excuse for dumping, clumsy and badly crafted male jewelry into the market.

We proved to the world that male jewelry could have fine designs and high quality craftsmanship and yet, be distinctly different in appearance and feel from jewelry worn by ladies. Another factor that is often ignored in male jewelry relates to the longterm durability of the jewel. It is no secret that men do not take as much care of the jewelry or acessories that they wear. This makes it necessary to build in some features into jewelry worn by males. These features should enhance the durability of the jewel, something that is conveniently ignored by jewelers. A very good example is gold or silver weight, this forms the foundation of a durable and sturdy jewel. High prices of metals has encouraged jewelers to produce male jewelry with increasingly lower metal weight. The idea is to allow jewels to flaunt lower price tags, something that is found attractive to mass markets.

At Kaisilver we have stayed away from these gimmicks. We custom make male jewelry with good design, gems, weight and craftsmanship. This is true for both gold and 925 sterling silver male jewelry. Since each jewel is fully custom made, we offer a level of customization that remains unmatched in the industry. Your jewelry orders can be made with your designs or ours, there is no limitation on the gemstones that you select. All these features remain the same for both gold and silver metal options. You can always contact our support experts at for any queries or requirements that you might have.

male cufflinks, kaisilver male jewelry gold or 925 silver

Male cufflinks are probably not classified as a type of male jewellery but, the advent of Kaisilver male cufflinks has changed that notion. Our gold or 925 silver cufflinks can be made with the design and gem stones of your choice. The increased popularity of mens birthstone cufflinks is clearly a result of the gem stone male cufflinks offered by Kaisilver. When you talk about male gem stone jewelry, it is important to provide a wide selection of gems. While some men choose the gems for their cuff links based on gem color, others prefer birthstones and some others consider gem durability to be of prime importance. The designs for male jewelry including male cuff links, can often reflect the personality or even the profession of the man. For example, sports fans often request for silver or gold cufflinks with sports based themese. A man with a love for music would love to be gifted a pair of cufflinks with a musical note depicted on them. When it comes to matching gem colors with shirt or suit color, some gem colors like black (onyx), brown (onyx) and dark blue (lapis) are some very interesting options that you can consider. We can also custom make plain cufflinks with no gemstones, according to your design and concept. Get to know more about our custom male cufflinks in gold or silver ... more.

male 925 sterling silver rings, custom made male rings with all gemstones When it comes to male jewelry, the choice of silver or gold is influenced by more than one single factor. Many men prefer male silver rings as they believe that silver does not look flashy. At the same time the quiet confidence of male silver jewelry, adds to the attraction of a male 925 silver ring. There is no doubt that the overall increase in demand for male silver rings has originated from the steep rise in gold prices. Just remember that most male jewelry would be quite large, you can also expect a male ring to require a large ring size. When this happens, it becomes necessary to allocate a proportionate metal weight to ensure durability of the jewel. At Kaisilver we often advise buyers to consider silver over gold when, a limited budget allows only for a light weight flimsy gold jewel. The great thing about male jewelry from Kaisilver is that, you get the same quality in terms of design, gems and craftsmanship for both gold and 925 silver male jewelry. The image shows a sturdy and impressive male silver ring with white moonstone, you could ofcourse choose the gemstone and design of your choice. Since every male ring on our website can be custom made in 925 silver, the choice is endless ... more.

male jewelry, cross pendant for males custom There is one interesting thing about male jewelry, most men choose jewelry that has some deeper meaning or significance. This explains the consistent demand for male religious jewelry, and this is best demonstrated in the large number of Kaisilver male cross pendants ordered each year. One good thing about male crosses is that, their meaning remains unchanged with the type of metal used to craft them. When choosing a male cross pendant in gold or silver, make sure that the metal weight offers good durability to the jewel. Another important feature that should be present in highend cross pendants is the type of finish on the back side of the pendant. It is common to have ugly metal scooping (to save metal weight) visible on the back side of many male crosses. The MPN02 male cross pendant from Kaisilver has a neat mesh covering the back of the cross - this ensures that your cross will appear fine even if it happens to swing around and show it's back. You could ofcourse order a gold or silver male cross with the design and dimensions of your choice. It is also possible to include your gem stone preference in the cross. Get to know more about this awesome male jewel ... more.

male birth stone rings, gold or silver birthstone rings for male We just mentioned when talking about the male cross (MPN02) that, men look for some meaning or significance in the male jewelry that they wear. The MAN57 male birth stone ring from Kaisilver carries the same theme, this male ring can have the gem stone of your choice. The practice of wearing a birth stone is centuries old, it was believed to bring good health, fortune and luck and also keep away bad elements. If you are not already aware we would like to inform you that, garnet is the designated birthstone for the month of January. We source garnets and other gems directly from the gem stone mines. These gems are then precisely cut and faceted to fit, the high end gold and silver mountings crafted by our skilled craftsmen. Talking about male garnet jewelry, you really need not be borne in January to appreciate the impressive features of this gem stone. Red garnets from Kaisilver are natural in all respects, no treatment is applied to enhance their color or beauty. There is no doubt that a red garnet is one of the highly preferred options for a red gem stone. Despite the beauty and durability of this gem, it is modestly priced to suit mens gold or 925 silver jewelry ... more.

male diamond rings, male diamond jewelry Male diamond jewelry is an interesting segment of male jewelry. Given the fact that most male jewelry would be preferred with fairly large dimensions, the need for a proportionate size of diamonds does pose a challenge. Diamonds are expensive stones, they show a steep price increase as the size of the stone increases. Kaisilver with it's talented team of 7 top notch designers, has researched the concept of affordable diamond rings for many months. If you observe the MAN28 male diamond ring shown on the left, you will notice that the band size has been carefully selected. The band width is sufficiently large to make this a great male ring. At the same time, we have not been tempted to provide a very wide band width - this would have caused the diamonds to appear too tiny and even insignicant. While most people do expect diamond rings to be crafted in 14k or 18k gold, your Kaisilver diamond ring can be custom made in gold or 925 sterling silver. If you are looking for male diamond jewelry in silver or gold, we would suggest that you review a few Kaisilver jewels before making a decision. Study more on this and other male diamond rings ... more.

male wedding jewelry, wedding band rings for males An interesting thing about male wedding jewelry is that, it is worn even by men who do not care much for jewelry. This is mainly due to the special signifiance attached to wedding jewelry. A male wedding ring could be a simple band ring done in silver or gold. However it is quite normal for male wedding jewelry buyers to budget quite generously for a male wedding ring. The MAN71 Kaisilver male emerald ring, is a fine design for a male wedding band ring. The gem stones are firmly mounted in the sturdy gold or silver band. The fact that the gemstones are modestly sized means that, you could get good quality gems without having to spend too much. Since male jewelry bought for a wedding would be worn for a long time, we would suggest that you give special attention to the durability factor. Keep in mind that a sturdy, well crafted and designed male silver wedding ring is much better than a more expensive gold ring with insufficent gold weight. The gemstones in male jewelry can make them more attractive, you can also choose a gem stone wedding ring with your birthstone - this would actually enhance the meaning of the jewel, something worth considering ... more.

male claddagh rings, plain or gem stone male claddagh ring for males It is not very often that you come across male jewelry with a heart design concept. Fashion critics and male jewelry lovers were surprised at the instant demand generated by the Kaisilver male claddagh ring. When you talk about the male claddagh ring in gold or silver, you are referring to one of the most respected and meaningful jewels in history. The world's first claddagh ring was created more than 3 centuries ago by an Irish slave named Robert Joyce. An intense research conducted by a team of Kaisilver experts, revealed a heart rendering story about two humble lovers. The world today salutes their love, loyalty and sacrifice and the popularity of this male heart jewel today spans the entire globe. Experts today agree that the Kaisilver claddagh ring is the world's best rendition of this ancient jewel. A thorough understanding and immense respect for this jewel ensures that, our gold and silver male claddagh rings retain all the features of the original ring. You can order a plain or gem stone claddagh ring, options for 14k or 18k gold are always available. The same quality is assured for gold or 925 sterling silver male claddagh rings ... more.

About Kaisilver Male Jewelry

Male jewelry like all other Kai Silver jewelry, is fully custom made in gold or 925 silver. Since we custom make every single jewel from start to finish, we place no limitations on your choice of design, dimensions, metal or gem stones. Some of the world's finest craftsmen and gem cutters work on all our jewelry orders. A team of 7 top notch designers drawn from five nations create designs that are translated into reality, by the skill and dedication of one of the most expereinced jewelry production teams in the industry. One of the highlights of all Kaisilver jewelry has been the, same level of importance and attention given to both gold and 925 silver jewelry. While most jewelers would give secondary importance to male silver jewelry, we dedicate ourselves to crafting fine quality jewelry irrespective of the metal that you choose.
Ordering Our Male Jewelry
If you are interested in getting your male jewelry or any other jewelry from Kaisilver, keep a few things in mind. Do not be in a rush to place an order. Though most online jewelry providers urge you to complete the purchase process as soon as possible, we have a different opinion on that issue. We would suggest that you discuss your requirements with our support experts at Our support team is geared to provide solutions and suggestions, we do not push them with sales targets. Keep in mind that since all our jewelry is fully custom made, the production time could range from 4 to 6 weeks starting from, the date of order confirmation with payment. We will never hurry production just to get your order as we are aware that, this would compromise on quality. Offering true customization of the highest level, we welcome any design change that you feel necessary. We will infact, gladly make your male jewelry in gold or 925 silver with your design image or sketch. With Paypal being a safe payment option for you and us, we recommend it as the primary source of payment. Jewelry buyers have lately, requested for payment to be made through bank transfers - we will consider such transactions on a case by case basis.
What Do Our Buyers Say

....received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as an EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Florida, U.S.A

I received the ring on Friday, December 21 at 3:14 PM. It looks gorgeous! The ring crafters did an excellent job with it. I highly commend all of the workers who were involved with the production of this ring. The band is very masculinely thick, yet the fit of the ring is buttery smooth. The cut amethyst looks wonderful in the setting - more so than I had expected. Your sales staff has been extremely professional throughout the past weeks since I ordered the ring. I am sure that I will speak highly of Kaisilver in the years to come. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Great Job! I will be your best salesman here. Thank you, Tony Elrod, U.S.A

Dear Kaisilver Associates, I would like to take this opportunity to personally offer my recommendation of Kaisilver for top-quality custom jewelry. I located Kaisilver through the internet and was, as you might imagine, somewhat apprehensive about sending money to people I had never met. Nevertheless, I used PayPal and we began working on a custom-designed gold pendant for me.... Associates of Kaisilver worked with me every step of the way graciously, courteously, and promptly, accepting the ideas that would work and recommending alternatives to ideas that would not work..... Another part of the process I would like to emphasize is Kaisilver's thoroughness and conviction to customer satisfaction.....I am pleased to recommend Kaisilver for your custom jewelry needs and feel certain they will meet your expectations with the same dedication demonstrated toward me. Mr.Carl Weeder, U.S.A.

I have to say that the ring and pendant are by far the most beautiful Jewellery I have ever seen! You can just tell by the weight and detail that they are one of a kind! Everything I asked for was done with no fuss, even suggestions were made as to what was best for me. The Jewellery only took 6 weeks to be hand made and sent to me, delivery was very fast and I even got a tracking number. The communication for Kaisilver staff was excellent, always friendly and I was never made to feel like I was bothering them. You can email them anytime and they will respond within a day. Everyone who has seen my Jewellery can't believe how beautiful the ring and pendant is. I really can't thank you all enough. I don't mind if Kaisilver shows my email address so that other people can ask me questions about the Jewellery. Thanks again!! Ms. Lauren Johnstone, Scotland, U.K

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