Male Sapphire Ring, Custom Made Gold Sapphire Gemstone Rings For Males.

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A Spectacular Creation From Kaisilver, A Sturdy And Terrific Male Sapphire Ring. A Sleek Design With Complete Attention Paid To Ever Detail. A Protected Sapphire Gemstone For This Male Saphire Gold Ring. High End Craftsmanship And Handfinishing In The Final Stage Of Production By Some Of The World's Best Jewellry Craftsmen. No Compromise On Gold Weight, This Male Sapphire Gemstone Ring Weighs A Healthy 20 Grams. The Gemstone Is Custom Cut To Perfection. Available In Yellow Gold, White Gold, Sterling Silver With All Gemstone Options. This Sapphire Male Ring Design Takes Into Consideration The Lifestyle Of Most Males And Incorporates Unique Features Within The Design. Click Here To Read Some Feedback From Our Buyers

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This Male Sapphire Gemstone Ring Which Can Be Custom Made With Any Gemstone Of Your Choice In Gold Or Sterling Silver Has A Thick And Broad Band. Great Effort Has Been Done To Create A Design That Protects The Gemstone And Also Keeps The Ring In Good Shape For A Long Time. A Minimum Weight Of 20 Grams Ensure That You Get A Saphire Male Ring That Will Stay In Shape For A Long Time To Come. Durability Has Not Been Got At The Expense Of Good Looks. The Ring Is A Masterpiece And The Result Of A Whole Hearted Effort From A Team Of Dedicated Jewelry Designers And Jewelry Craftsmen.

Male Sapphire Ring

Custom Sapphire Male Rings

Available In White Gold, Yellow Gold And Sterling Silver, You Can Choose The Gem Stone Of Your Choice And All Gem Stone Options Available. Can Be Custom Made With The Gemstone Shape Modified To Your Requirements.

Male Sapphire Ring Sapphire Gold Rings For Males

Custom Sapphire Male Gold Ring Saphire Gemstone Rings For Males

Pricing And Gemstone Option Details For This Male Gold Sapphire Gemstone Ring Are Available. Click Here For Pricing And Other Details Of This Made To Order Saphire Gold Ring For Males.

Rarely Is So Much Attention Paid To The Design And Creation Of Male Gold Rings, This Sapphire Ring For Males In Gold And Sterling Silver Is An Exception. We Ensure That Your Saphire Male Gold Ring Keeps Up With Your Lifestyle, With A Heavy Gold Weight To Keep It In Good Shape And A Well Mounted Sapphire Or Other Gemstone For Your Gold Ring. The Sides Of The Gemstone Are Covered In Gold To Protect The Edges Of The Gemstone From Chipping. The Gold Above And Below The Gemstone Extends Beyond The Gem Stone Thus Adding Protection For The Gem.

If You Need Any Other Modifications To This Male Sapphire Gemstone Ring In White Gold Or Need Something Totally Different Do Not Hesitate To Email Us At Provide Us The Details And Images If Possible And We Will Be Glad To Work With You On The Final Specifications And Price Quote. Can Be Custom Made In White Gold, Yellow Gold Or Sterling Silver.

Read What Makes This Gold Sapphire Gemstone Ring For Males A True HighEnd Jewel. Click Here For More Information On Design And Making Of These Male Sapphire Gold Rings.

Ordering, Payment And Shipping Information

Email Us With Your Requirements, We Are In No Hurry To Rush You Through The Ordering Steps. We Will Reply To Your Email With Any Additional Suggestions We May Have. Our Staff Will Also Advise You Regarding Any Promotional Discount Or Shipping Charges Waivers That May Be Applicable. Ask All The Questions You Want And Order Only When Your Queries Are Answered. Email Us At

The Shipping Charges For Shipping Worldwide Is 25 U.S$ By EMS Or FEDEX. You Can Combine Shipping Charges For Other Merchandise From Our Website And Auctions. Shipping Will Be Within 3 To 4 Weeks Of Order Confirmation And Receipt Of Payment.

Payment Can Be Made Through Paypal Or By Money Order In U.S$. We Will Ship After Getting Payment Clearance From The Bank. We Are Verified International Premier Account Holders Of Paypal. Our E-mail Address For Paypal Is VTURL@YAHOO.COM. Click For More Details About Paypal Payments.

Jewelry For The Modern Man
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Kaisilver is the only provider of high end man gemstone rings, online. Our rings are designed after researching the habits and lifestyles of today's men. No compromises have been made on gold content, gemstones or craftsmanship. Our rings weigh around 50% to 70% more than what other sellers offer for the same design. The rings are created with strength and durability in mind. Every ring is custom made, gemstones are hand picked by experts and custom cut by extremely skilled gemstone cutters. You can choose any gemstone of your choice and order these male rings in 14K or 18K yellow or white gold. We even offer sterling silver as a choice and both gold and silver rings have the same high end craftsmanship.

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