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Man Engagement Ring

High End Engagement Rings For Men

Custom Men's Engagement Rings In 14k/18k White Or Yellow Gold, All Gemstone Options

It is not common for men to give much attention to their engagement rings. This could be one of the reasons why engagement rings for men are scarce in design and concept. The man engagement ring shown on this page is a great design and gives complete thought to the active lifestyles of modern men. Durability is an important factor for all jewelry but, is all the more important in the case of jewelry for men. Men in general, do not take as much care of their jewelry as the ladies. Men's jewelry therefore needs to be sturdy and durable to keep up with male habits and lifestyles. Kaisilver offers complete customization for all jewelry and you can order your man engagement ring in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. With direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones, we also offer all gemstone options for our jewelry.

After having researched the habits and lifestyles of modern men, Kaisilver designs have incorporated an average of 50% to 70% more gold weight as compared to, what other jewellers offer for the same designs. This extra weight does add to the price tag, but in the long term savings in repairs and modifications will more than pay up for the premium price. This man engagement ring lays special emphasis on the gemstone mounting and also for the diamonds set on the sides of the ring. The healthy gold weight allows a more solid ring to be made without making the design look clumsy.

These man engagement rings are not mass produced, each piece is individually worked on by some of the world's finest craftsmen and artisans. All gemstones are hand picked by gemstone experts and custom cut. We do not indulge in close out and blow out gimmicks where, light weight junk with reject quality gems are peddled in BIG department stores and TV shopping channels. At Kaisilver every ring is completely custom made and all ring sizes are available. All design modifications are possible and you can even send in scanned images of your favourite designs for us to custom make.

Engagement ring for men
The MAN25 is a perfect men's engagement ring, the design combines a square shaped gemstone in the center with square diamonds on the sides. You can select a man engagement ring with any gemstone of your choice and also replace the diamonds with other gem stones. Yellow and white gold man engagement rings are priced the same and options for 14k or 18k gold are available.

This man engagement ring has all the features of a good engagement ring for men. The center gemstone is a square 8mm or 7mm gemstone, the table below provides exact dimensions. The side diamonds give this engagement man ring a very stylish and lavish appearance. Five square diamonds of size 2.5mm each, are set on either side of the ring. This gives a total of 10 diamonds in this men's engagement ring. The diamonds can be replaced with gemstones of your choice, so your man engagement ring in this design can have a slightly lower price tag if the diamonds are excluded. The replacement of the diamonds with other gem stones will also allow you to mix and match colored gemstones in the same ring. The head height of this ring is 0.8cm and the portion behind the finger is 0.5cm wide. This good band width is possible because of the excellent gold weight.

man engagement ring with garnet and diamonds

The design for this man engagement ring can also be used for a lady's engagement ring. It is quite common for the man and the lady to wear engagement rings with similar designs. This represents a kind of unity and togetherness which is the basic essence of married life. The ring shown here is very suited for those who like to wear similar looking engagement or wedding rings. For the lady's ring with the same design, we would recommend a smaller size gemstone in the center. The ideal size for the center gemstone for a lady's ring would be 6mm square. You can leave the diamonds at the same size (2.5mm squares) and this would add to the sparkle of your engagement ring. The tables below give the pricing for the 6mm gemstone size ring. Request for a price quote, if you need the 6mm gem stone version of this ring.

Talking about the weight of this ring, the ring with the 8mm center gemstone would have a minimum weight of 20 grams. If you need your man engagement ring to have a very large size, let us know and our designers will advise you regarding any additional gold weight that might be required. All rings are available in all sizes as each ring is custom made. For the engagement ring with the smaller 6mm or 5mm center gemstone, the minimum weight is 15 grams, and once again, specific information can be provided the moment we have your ring size. Email us for any information that you might need at

The head height of this engagement ring for men depends on the size of the center gemstone. With a center gemstone of size 8mm or 7mm the head height of the ring is 8mm and the portion behind the finger is 5mm. For the ring version with center gemstone as 6mm or 5mm, the head height of this engagement ring is 6mm and the portion behind the finger is 3mm. These dimensions make this engagement ring ideally suited for those of you who like their rings to be medium sized.
Details and Pricing For This Man Engagement Ring

These man engagement diamond rings are available with any gem stone of your choice. Email us if the gemstone you need is not mentioned in the tables and we will send you a price quote for that gemstone option. You can order this ring in 14k or 18k yellow or white gold and the two tone gold option is also available at no extra charge. The gemstone sizes for each gemstone have been clearly mentioned in the tables.

The ring is available with or without diamonds and the tables shown below give the prices for each option. In the case where no diamonds are provided, you can select the side gemstones from the same group of gemstones. You can thus order your engagement ring with Amethyst for the center and Blue Topaz for the side gems. This is because both Amethyst and Topaz belong to the same gemstone group in the table. We also allow all design modifications and you can therefore request for a larger gemstone or a gemstone of different shape. For example, a larger sized center gemstone or a different gemstone shape altogether. Since every piece is completely custom made, all requests can be accomodated and all ring sizes are available.

Side Gemstone Details The side diamonds are square 2.5mm and good quality. Other gemstones, if selected for the side gems will also be of the same size. The prices for the man engagement ring with diamonds and the one without diamonds are mentioned in the table.


Email us for pricing details if you need the same ring with a 6mm size gemstone.

Email us for pricing details if you need the same ring with a 6mm size gemstone. With the no diamond option, you can request for other gems to be used instead of the diamonds.


More Man Engagement Rings From Kaisilver
Click The Images For Complete Details And Pricing Of Each Ring

white gold ,man engagement rings man's engagement ring with birthstone engagement ring man

custom man engagement ring two tone men's engagement rings engagement rings for men, made to order

Not so long ago, men were debating whether they should be wearing engagement rings at all! Times have quickly changed and today most men decide to wear engagement rings. Given this, it is no surprise that the high end man engagement rings from Kaisilver are hot favourites with modern men. These rings combine style, high end craftsmanship, durability and provide an unlimited range of gemstones for your man engagement ring. All rings can be ordered in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold and you can even select a two tone gold option.

Highlights Of Kaisilver Man Engagement Rings

Professionally Designed: These man engagement rings and all other male jewellery, have been designed after an intense research into the lifestyle and habits of modern men. Our designers and craftsmen incorporated these findings into each ring and created men's rings that are stylish, durable and awesome.

Perfect Craftsmanship: Your man engagement ring is not mass produced. Every ring is worked on by a team of designers and craftsmen and passes through some of the strictest quality control checks. Before final quality inspection, expert hand finishing is provided and no flaws are tolerated.

Complete Gem stone Choice: With direct and preferential access to over 200 million carats of quality gem stones, we provide you with all gem stone options for your man engagement rings and for all other jewellery. Every gem stone is hand picked by experts and custom cut for the jewelry that we make. If you need a gem stone that is not mentioned on our website, email us with details and we will procure it for you.

Healthy Gold Weight: Kaisilver rings typically weigh around 50% to 70% more as compared to what other jewellers provide. This is to increase the durability of the ring. Along with design and craftsmanship, good gold weight is an important factor that decides the long term durability of your ring. Most sellers prefer to sell light weight junk that twists and bends out of shape at the smallest excuse. This is done to please lower priced markets and dupe buyers, into believing that they are getting cheap jewellery. Long term maintanece costs of such 'cheap' jewelry, far outweigh any savings in price that you hope to make.

Good Band Width: These male engagement rings have a good band width all around. Even the unseen portion behind the finger has a minimum width of 0.4cm to 0.75cm. Most sellers offer male rings with a very skinny and slim band behind the finger. The good gold weight of our men's rings allows us to provide a good band width all around the ring.

An Interesting Design Variation
gemstone and diamond engagement ring for men
The MAN61 ring shown above provides a great design for a men's engagement ring. The center gemstone has a slight cushion shape and is protected from all sides by a gold border. This man engagement ring can be ordered with all gemstone options in 14k or 18k gold. The yellow or white gold men's engagement rings are priced the same. click   for complete details.

Who Is Kaisilver?
With over 6,000 buyers in 17 nations, Kaisilver is the world's leading provider of online custom jewellry. Our buyers include fashion models, news readers, hotel and resort owners, members of the U.S and U.K armed forces, business professionals and doctors. Over 3,500 craftsmen and artisans work on all our jewellry orders creating high quality customized jewellry that involves an immense amount of skilled craftsmanship. Kaisilver jewellry gives equal emphasis to good material, good design, good looks, good craftsmanship and longterm durability.

With direct and preferential access to prominent gemstone resources in 5 nations, we work with a gigantic gemstone base of over 200 million carats of gemstones. Every gemstone is handpicked and custom cut by our experts and we do not indulge in gimmicks like 'close outs' and 'blow outs' where, low grade gems are loosely mounted in flimsy lightweight gold settings.

All our jewellry is custom made in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold. You can choose from yellow or white gold and all gem stone options are available. Since each piece is individually made, all design modifications are available. You can even send us images of your favourite designs to be custom made.

Some Kaisilver Buyer Testimonials
.....I have to say that the ring and pendant are by far the most beautiful Jewellery I have ever seen! You can just tell by the weight and detail that they are one of a kind! Everything I asked for was done with no fuss, even suggestions were made as to what was best for me. The Jewellery only took 6 weeks to be hand made and sent to me, delivery was very fast and I even got a tracking number. The communication for Kaisilver staff was excellent, always friendly and I was never made to feel like I was bothering them. You can email them anytime and they will respond within a day. Everyone who has seen my Jewellery can't believe how beautiful the ring and pendant is. I really can't thank you all enough. I don't mind if Kaisilver shows my email address so that other people can ask me questions about the Jewellery. Thanks again!! Ms. Lauren Johnstone, Scotland, U.K

Wow!!! Pendant looks even better than I imagined. Stone work is beautiful and the cross is more beautiful than the design I submitted initially to develop the piece. I appreciate the timely replies and expert advice turning my idea into a wonderful piece of jewelry. My wife is going to be very pleased with this family pendant.(Mr William Padgett, Leonardtown, MD) You my use my comments. Padgett, William S. CDR NHC PaxRiver NAS, U.S.A

I am SO very pleased with the quality, beauty and extremely reasonable cost the ring I puchased for my fiance. I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but I am a busy woman, which made dealing with your company so conveinient for me. Your correspondence was greatly appreciated, and I must say, people who see the man04 ring are dazzled by it's beauty. You have a lifetime customer. God bless all of you! Pamela Adams, USA

....received ring yesterday as you promised. it is stunning, more beautiful than i expected. the design and craftsmanship are outstanding. thank you again, it has been a pleasure doing business with you. i will highly recommend you to everyone i know, and look forward to doing business with you in the future. your entire staff has been professional and you displayed a high degree of honesty and integrity throughout the transaction. thank your staff and your craftsman for their incredible work. please feel free to use me as a reference as an EXTREMELY satisfied customer. take care, i wish you all well. Lt. Colonel James William Brady USA, Ret. Florida, U.S.A

I have the ring on my finger as I write this :) This ring is the best, I am totally overwhelmed and ecstatic at the sheer magnificence of this ring, it is unquestionably the most beautiful piece of jewellery I have seen, the colors are outstanding, it is a direct copy as per specifications, a very big thankyou to the entire team at Kaisilver, a job well done. I would not hesitate to buy jewellery online again however it would only be from Kaisilver, why would I go elsewhere? Once again thank-you sooooooo much. Kind Regards & Warm Smlies from Mr.Sean Quigley, Melbourne, Australia.
... more

Ordering, Payment And Shipping Information
Firstly, we are in no hurry to push you through the ordering process. Browse as long as you wish and get all your doubts and queries answered. All queries and orders can be emailed to us at An extremely skilled team of designers and craftsmen will answer each query. The idea is to allow you to make a well informed decision.

Payments are accepted through Paypal, Western Union Money Transfers. We are International Verified Premium Account holders for paypal and you can therefore transact with confidence. Our email for paypal is Please let us know if you wish to use, any of the other payment methods mentioned above and we will provide you with details for the same.

Shipping is by EMS or FEDEX and can be tracked on the web. The shipping charges are 25 U.S$ worldwide. Shipping will be within 4 to 5 weeks of order confirmation and receipt of payment. We need this time as, each ring is fully custom made and involves a lot of skilled craftsmanship, we also hand pick and custom cut every gemstone that is used in our jewelry. The merchandise would reach you in around 4 to 5 working days after the date of shipment.

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Man Engagement Ring, More Suggestions
Here are a few additional tips for your man engagement ring, spend a few moments to read them as they will be very helpful no matter where you buy your men's engagement ring from.

Engagement ring pairs are getting to be very popular in recent times. In such cases the man engagement ring and the engagement ring worn by the lady have the same design. The lady's engagement ring might be a bit narrower as compared to the man engagement ring. The gemstone in the center could also be different for each of the engagement rings. If you are interested in a pair of engagement rings, select a design that is suitable for both men and ladies, the MAN25 is a good option in such a case.

When selecting the gemstone for your man engagement ring, you could make a choice based on your personal preference or consider a birthstone in your men's engagement ring. A birthstone man engagement ring could have the birth stone of the man or, follow the popular trend of exchanging birth stones. In this case, the lady's engagement ring has the birth stone of the man and vice versa. When selecting a gem stone you need to remember that different gemstones have different physical characteristics. Some gems like rubies and sapphires are much harder as compared to other gems like amethyst etc. Emeralds need special care when wearing and storing, this is due to a special oil treatment that is used for ALL emerald gem stones. Discuss your specific requirement with your vendor and ensure that you have all the information before making a decision.

Your man engagement ring can be made in white or yellow gold and you can go by your personal preference when making this decision. However when choosing between 14k or 18k gold, you need to know that a 14k man engagement ring would be sturdier than an 18k men's engagement ring. This is because 14k gold is much harder than 18k gold and therefore much stronger. The durability of men's jewelry is important as, men take far less care of their jewelry as compared to the ladies.

You can enhance the meaning and siginificance of your man engagement ring in a few simple ways. A very good idea would be to include a birthstone in the ring, such a birthstone men's engagement ring could have the birthstone of the man (wearing the ring) or an exchange of birthstones could be considered. The man engagement ring could have the birthstone of the lady and vice versa. An etching of a name or date could be done inside the band of your engagement men's ring. This etching could be the initials of the man and lady, or the date of engagement or even the date when the couple first met.

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